Professional development workshops

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Integrating State Standards and 21st Century Skills into your Teaching Practice

What does it look like to have a classroom where students think creatively, persist, problem-solve, communicate, collaborate and think critically? Find out in this practical workshop where each activity will be carefully selected to teach the selected skill(s). Plus, learn how can you assess your students' success in these creative skills. Developed specially for Teaching Artists, this workshop will give you skills and vocabulary to communicate the importance of your work in a language that funders, program managers, parents and other administrators can understand.

Behavior Management in an After-school Setting

As after-school teachers, we often feel on the outside of the school's procedures for managing behavior. Learn how to establish your parent communication, as well as different behavior-management techniques to work with all age-ranges. Keep your classes fun and positive, while being in control. Recommended for Teaching Artists.

Behavior Management while working with at-risk youth

If you have exhausted the tools in your tool-bag and behavior doesn't seem to improve, then this workshop is for you. This is a mock-classroom workshop where the participants get to display the behaviors of their students and see behavior-management techniques in action. The workshop is followed by a discussion and a Q&A session where the participants can ask questions specific to the students thy are working with at that moment.

Theatre: A Kinaesthetic Approach to Visual Arts. Understanding Shape and Spatial Relationship as Tools for Communication.

This workshop is for Arts specialists as well as classroom teachers who are looking for ways to engage those kinaesthetic learners in their classes. In this practical-workshop, educators will learn exercises to encourage students to problem-solve, interpret images, communicate through shape and movements and collaborate.

Child Protection Policies

A detailed workshop on what signs to look for to keep our students safe from child molestation as well as to protect yourself from false accusations. Highly recommended for all adults working with youth.

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