Commedia dell'Arte

This workshop introduces students to the main Commedia dell'Arte characters, their movements and their roles in the Lazzi. Students will learn how to create their own Lazzi finding the correct balance between believable characterization, comedic timing and repetition. They will also have the opportunity to create the mask of their chosen character.

This course was offered with great success at St Matthew School with Middle School students, and can be adapted to any age (11+) and any ability.

Mask Making and Performance

Students 5-8 year olds have the opportunity to create animal masks and develop their own stories with their chosen characters. For this age group, this workshop focuses in developing their story telling techniques, voice projection and awareness of stage movement.

Students 9 and older start learning to lend their bodies to a mask, to react physically to a given mask and avoid self censorship. Students are introduced to different techniques to help a mask come to life on stage and have the opportunity to design and create their own.

Adult students will receive an introduction on world masked traditions, including Topeng Pajegan (Bali), Commedia Dell'Arte (Italy), Vejigantes (Puerto Rico), and Devil's Dance (Peru). They will then procede to create their own maks and (depending on the duration of the workshop) will also learn techniques to use their masks. For a demosntration of the 'world masked traditions' introduction, please click